Oct 08

I’m Back & Keeping It Real

keeping it real

I’m back & keeping it real

Although I have been on a long hiatus from writing, I have not lost touch with one of my most sacred and well appreciated gifts from the Almighty, and now I’m back and keeping it real. When life handed me a whole slew of challenges and adversities to deal with back in 2013 – some more serious than others – I had to quickly hit the brake and take a serious step back to reevaluate many aspects of my life, including where I was as an aspired motivational writer and law of attraction practitioner/coach.

As a woman of faith, I knew the time away from this blog platform, or any other writing platforms that I’m a part of, would prove to be highly beneficial and constructive, not just for myself, but most importantly for my readers. So, with enormous courage, I had to prioritize where my entire focus, concentration, time, energy and commitment were to go if I truly wanted to bounce back higher than ever before, and with that said many things had to take a back seat in my life for a little while, including writing…

A little over two years ago, with a brutally honest look at where I was standing in life, I decided to bravely embark on what I now humbly and gratefully refer to as the “OPR (Operation Reinvent Myself)”, my mental and spiritual transformative journey. While I’m still navigating through that surreal yet amazing journey, diligently seeking for Divine wisdom and understanding, I feel more at ease to slowly but surely get back to my writing game. I am stronger… I am wiser… I am brighter!

Though I’m still learning, growing and expanding, it is my sincere intention to share with you what my transformational experience has been like for the past two years, with the hope of inspiring and empowering you by bringing some fresh, raw perspectives into what it truly takes to “wake up” mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I’m a work-in-progress, far from being out of the jungle so-to-speak, but I have no doubt that every single day I am being divinely led and guided to my destiny.

For the next couple of weeks, I will dedicate my blog posts to anyone out there who has been fervently seeking for some sort of Divine inspiration and light while fighting their own mental and spiritual battles… I will boldly and lovingly share with you a few valuable success principles that I’ve come to learn, greatly embrace and use for myself, to help you get just a little closer to where you truly want and deserve to be in life.

I’ll continue to keep it 100% real… it feels so good to be back… please stay tuned for more. For now, love and light to you all…xoxo ♥!

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