Jan 27

All is Well in My World

All is wellAll is well? Really? If you’re anything remotely like me, most times it’s extremely challenging to harvest positive thinking and speaking in your everyday affairs, despite your best intention to create and receive abundant blessings in your life. And that’s only because we’re humans…we were conditioned from childhood to let our current setbacks, heartaches or unfortunate circumstances define who we really are.

I don’t know about you, but for me, as much as I’m very well versed on how the human mind works and equipped with quite a few powerful tools that I can use to deliberately create my desires, I often find it very overwhelming and difficult to be consistent at practicing what I preach. And that’s only because my own subconscious mind has been in the way. Yep, as powerful as it truly is, our mind can also be extremely hostile if we don’t know how to use it properly.

Both scientific and spiritual studies conducted over the years have proven beyond a shadow of doubt that positive thinking and speaking does ignite the good feelings and emotions that we need as humans to remain faithful that all is well despite our defeats, our doubts, our fears and our failures. And those good and positive emotions will be what will propel us to take the right actions towards achieving our goals.

A few weeks back, I had declared 2014 to be my year to shine, and as I’m entering the last week of the first month and as I’m facing so many uncertainties in my own personal life, some way more serious than others, I vow to myself to really pay close attention to the thoughts I think and the words I speak, and to constantly remind myself that, despite the obvious, all is well in my world!

If you’re still breathing, then all is well

As my readers, I’m also inviting you to join me on this “enlightening mental trip” and see how this paradigm shift can bring you so much joy and delight. Let’s face it, nothing here on beautiful planet earth is permanent…we’re all here for a temporary journey in our physical forms. So, why not do our best to maximize our returns on investment while we are still breathing alive and breathing!

Is this process easy? Of course NOT…and that’s why we need to have complete trust in a Source much more powerful than us, to gently remind us along the way that all is well indeed, and that with patience and perseverance, we will redeem His wonderful rewards. I have appointed God as the CEO of my life, and I know He knows that I’m only expecting the best outcomes, even if and when I’m still a bit afraid.

Like one of my most favorite spiritual teachers, Pastor Joel Osteen, so brilliantly advised in one of his recent sermons, if we have nothing positive to say, let’s just zip our mouths and be quiet. At least, by doing that simple and wise gesture in faith, we will not prevent God’s blessings from reaching us. Make positive thinking a part of your moment-by-moment activities every single day.

Choose faith over fear, abundance over lack, health over sickness, love over hate and joy over anger! And please know that, no matter what, you are never alone…this powerful invisible force that created you and me and this beautiful world that we live in is always watching out for you, and is FOR you, and never against you. Make “all is well” your new motto for 2014. You can do it!

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