Monthly Archive: January 2014

Jan 27

All is Well in My World

All is well

All is well? Really? If you’re anything remotely like me, most times it’s extremely challenging to harvest positive thinking and speaking in your everyday affairs, despite your best intention to create and receive abundant blessings in your life. And that’s only because we’re humans…we were conditioned from childhood to let our current setbacks, heartaches or …

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Jan 13

Earl Nightingale’s Words of Wisdom For Your Success

Words of Wisdom

Have you ever wondered why so many people seem to continuously achieve massive success without exerting too much effort while others work so hard and yet still fail to achieve anything in particular? If you answered yes, then this article will definitely be of great value to you. You will learn why there is such …

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Jan 06

3 Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Make Your New Year's Resolutions Stick

As you’re trying to recover from the holiday season’s festivities and get a great start on your new year’s resolutions, I would like to offer you some extraordinary tips on how to make this personal journey a fruitful and fulfilling one. You’ve been through that path many times before – as each new year rolls …

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